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Thank you for your interest in joining NextHome Tristate Realty, one of Sioux City’s newest real estate agencies!Smallest step simple

Whether you are considering pursuing a new career as a real estate professional or are a seasoned agent longing for an opportunity to take your business to the next level, see what it takes to Join our Team!

There are many things to consider when choosing a brokerage.  After all- it isn’t simply just about the commission (although ours is very fair!) The brokerage you choose will ultimately determine the level of success of your business.

As a real estate agent, you will perform critical work for consumers. Make sure you’re armed with the tools you need to service your clients and make your business a success!


Our people at NextHome Tristate Realty are what make our office a great place to work.                                                                                                                 

We believe in celebrating each agent’s individuality, which fosters a culture based on both inspiration and collaboration.

In an already competitive industry, we don’t want our agents feeling like they have to look over their shoulder so we strive to create a safe environment where agents can explore their own unique talents and capabilities.

At NextHome Tristate Realty, our agents recognize that by celebrating the individuality of and supporting all persons within the office, everyone in the office wins.

Each agent receives a network of support and encouragement from the other agents in the office as well as the support of a non-competing Broker.




There are several components to NextHome’s brand which offer a sense of familiarity to the public. From ourCanva branding Tristate colors- to our signage- to our franchise mascot, consumers can easily identify the NextHome brand.

The color orange in our marketing materials is fresh and vibrant and draws the attention of consumers.

Our extra large signage has a professional appearance, and offers Buyers instant access to property information.

Planter’s has Mr. Peanut; Kellogg’s has Tony the Tiger; and NextHome has Luke, the adorable french bulldog. Luke, pops up in neighborhoods all over Iowa as well as the rest of the country aiding in brand awareness and connecting with consumers.


While the real estate industry is continually changing, many brokerages have a tendency to get stuck in a patternStanding still of doing business the same old way which is typically both time-consuming and labor intensive.

Brokerages may have the same culture and use the same marketing materials and technology for decades which in turn damages the effectiveness of their agents and their overall relevance with consumers.

At NextHome, we believe in a modern, innovative approach to business centered around efficiency and effectiveness. We provide our agents with the tools they need to provide consumers with excellent service before, during, and after the sale. This allows our office and our agents at NextHome Tristate Realty to remain relevant to both consumers and agents.


Rapid advancements in technology have dramatically changed the way business is done in many industries-Laptop and cell specifically real estate. We simply do not communicate the way we used to and the way consumers obtain information about real estate has changed too.

At NextHome Tristate Realty, we offer a fully integrated platform which empowers agents for productivity.

Our listing syndication and MLS integration allows all NextHome listings to go out to a network of hundreds of national websites with the click of a button. No tedious data entry and listing maintenance on multiple platforms required.

We also offer agents a customizable website and an automated design center where agents can produce stunning property reports and brochures, fliers, and other marketing materials with ease.

At NextHome Tristate Realty, we recognize that not every person possesses a comprehensive set of computer skills, so we offer training and access to technical support to ensure that all of our real estate agents can prosper.


Katie Slater was born and raised in a rural area outside of Sioux City, where her family resides still. She spentKatie Summers in Okoboji since she was 12 years old and after graduating from college, became a resident there.

Katie started her first business immediately after college and has since- owned and operated multiple successful businesses in Iowa.

In her second year in real estate, she was recruited into volunteer service with the local REALTOR Association where she almost immediately became a self-proclaimed REALTOR “geek”.

Katie has received numerous designations and served on multiple local, state, and National REALTOR Association boards, councils, and committees. Katie was elected two-time President of the Iowa Great Lakes Board of REALTORS in 2013 and 2014 was awarded the REALTOR of the Year award in 2014. She served as a Regional Vice President for the Iowa Association of REALTORS for four years, 2015-2019, and was elected President of the Northwest Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS in 2018.

With personal and professional ties to both areas, Katie operates two branches- NextHome Tristate Realty in Sioux City, Iowa and NextHome at the Lakes in Spirit Lake, Iowa

For more information about what NextHome Tristate Realty can do for you, email Katie at or see our Why NextHome page.