Halloween party (Facebook Post) (940 x 500 px)

It’s October, and you know what that means. Many of us create an October bucket list: go to a pumpkin patch, watch some spooky movies, visit a haunted house or two, and maybe even throw a Halloween party. With some planning, you can host an amazing family-friendly party. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can do just that.

Fun Invitations

Catch the eye of your friends and family with some fun and clever invitations. From spooky to silly, you can easily make these at home. Since this is kid/family-friendly, get the kids involved and let them help create the party invites. They can also help by hand-delivering them to family and friends while wearing their Halloween costumes!

Spooky Decorations

Decorations set the scene for the party. Set aside some time to get the whole family involved and create some decorations together. You could craft some toilet paper roll bats, paper plate ghosts, or some Q-tip skeletons. If you are looking for ready-made you can always head to the local craft store. Since this is family-friendly, remember your decorations should be spooky but not too scary. No tricks only treats!

Monstrous munchies and Snacks

Halloween and “candy” pretty much go hand in hand. Have fun with your munchies and snacks. You can make them ahead of time or this can be a fun activity for kids to do at the party. A fun and simple one are popcorn hands! All you need are some disposable gloves, candy corn, popcorn, spider rings, and ribbon or twine. Yummy Easy Healthy has some great ideas!

Snap Happy

If there is anything that is a must at your party to preserve the fun, it’s a photo booth! Grab a Halloween-themed backdrop and some spooky/fun photo props for kids and adults. You can designate a friend to be the photographer or let guests use their phones and snap away! Just don’t forget to take some candid shots during the party.