man cave

Remodeling your home? Have an extra room in the basement and you’re not sure what to do with it?  It’s time to create the mother of all man caves!  Whether you want a place for peace and quiet or to watch your favorite team.  A man cave is the perfect place to sit back and relax and just chill out.  Check out these 6 essentials for creating a dream room.

Beverage Bar

Have you ever been in a man cave?  You know that most of them will have a built-in beverage bar on one of the walls. This bar is important for keeping you and your friends happy and hydrated throughout the time you are there. Stock up on your favorite beverage to either display or taste on a special occasion. Having a beverage bar with a fridge allows you to have soda and water on hand so you don’t have to run back and forth all night long. Plus, the counter also acts as a snack bar.


The number one thing a man cave needs is a top of the line home theater.   This is the best opportunity to perfect your viewing experience and make your cave the spot to watch the big game or the latest movies. An entertainment system is not cheap, so watch for seasonal deals at local electronics stores or online to save some cash.

When you select a television and sound system, we recommend talking to a professional. They will be able to provide suggestions for televisions and audio systems that will work best in the size of your man cave.  You want all your friends to be able to see and hear all the entertainment.

Recline & Relax

If your not comfy it’s no fun binge watching your shows, listening to music, or chilling out.  For sure  finding a great couch and a great recliner is so important to your man cave setup. We recommend selecting a couch for guests that you invite to your cave but reserve the one spot that is just for you as your spot to relax and unwind after a long day.

You can find  furniture online, but it can be hard to tell how comfortable the fabric and cushions are from a picture. Try checking  out your local furniture store to see which brands you like best. You can always look for better deals, but keep in mind that many stores will price match!

Simple Decor

Most guys don’t pay too much attention to the stuff on the walls, but you should still try to make your space look put together and fun. You can make your man cave look like a amazing just by adding some cool photos to the walls or items to the tables. Old photos of your baseball team, framed concert tickets, or even some photos of you and your buddies back in college are good ideas to help you decorate. This space is will represent you and your hobbies, so your decorations should reflect that.

Game Time

You don’t have to be a sports freak or fan to have a man cave, and there’s not always a game to watch, so a big consideration is entertainment space. This could be a card table, pool table, video game machine, arcade game, foosball, or whatever you choose.  Having an area dedicated to having some competitive fun with buddies and family will allow you to have people over throughout the seasons and give you a chance to catch up with each other.


Last, it’s not a man cave without your Music Jams. If you like music, your cave is the perfect spot for guitars, drum kits, and louder music. If your not a musician maybe consider investing in speakers throughout the cave. We suggest maybe Bluetooth speakers that can easily be moved throughout the room. This can even allow your friends to contribute to your playlist, depending on the app you use or if you feel like sharing  In the end, your man cave is all about YOU. It needs to be a vision of your favorite things to do and a private get away for when you need to just have some space. Take the time for yourself and have some fun with it and happy man caving!