Summer Maintenance Tasks To Tackle

Power wash (1)

Now that summer is here and we are trying to get back to our “normal” lives and enjoy all that summer has to offer, there are a few maintenance tasks from you should check off your list. I know, WHO wants to do that? However, these will help you in the long run and possibly help with costly repairs.

1. Power-wash your house

Power washing your house doesn’t mean just the home itself. You can hit the driveway, patio, deck, and pool area. Just make sure you do your research before power washing. You don’t want to accidentally damage your property by using the wrong pressure on the wrong materials. 

If you are thinking about selling your home, power washing is a great way to freshen it up for potential buyers.


2. Give your air conditioner a checkup

Your air conditioner will be working overtime this summer. Be proactive and regularly switch out the filters and clean the condenser unit. You can tackle this yourself, or if you don’t feel comfortable you can call in a technician to do this for you. 


3. Spruce up your home’s exterior

Summer is a good time to inspect your siding and landscaping. Check your siding for previous storm damage, sap, wear and tear, and clean (See #1 above) and repair. Trim the shrubs and trees, especially if there is anything hanging over the home or rubbing the siding. Don’t forget the yard too. You can fertilize and dethatch your lawn to help promote circulation of air, water, and nutrients to the soil. 


4. Replace or fix up exterior doors

A little bit of wear and tear over time is expected, but if they are old, worn out, or you can’t clean them, it may be time to replace them. Check the weatherstripping to make sure it will be keeping the cool air in and the hot summer air out.


5. Check on ceiling fans and windows

Clean ceiling fans and change them to a counterclockwise rotation. This will help drive cool air toward the floor and cool your room’s temperature. As far as windows go, check to make sure there are no leaks where you might be letting your cool air escape. If your window needs to be resealed, you could do this yourself or call a professional to have this done.


6. Keep an eye on the roof and gutters after storms

Lastly, check the roof and gutters. Make sure there are no cracked, curled, or missing shingles. Replace if necessary. Then, while checking out the roof, inspect those gutters. Debris can quickly fill them up and possibly cause damage. Don’t forget to check out both the roof and gutters after storms as well.