House Hunting Red Flags


Buying a new home can be really exciting. We just don’t want you to get so excited that you rush into buying a home that you overlook some red flags. Most of the time red flags are overlooked or hidden by sellers while we are looking at the home. However, we need to take note of some tell tale signs that can indicate a potential issue. Here are a few:

Moldy Smell or Mold

Mold can tell you that there may be problems in the home such as leaks. This may lead to the need to replace things like carpet or drywall. Even though most mold you will find isn’t the toxic “Black Mold”, you still don’t want it in your potential new home.  Regular mold can still cause headaches and/or respiratory problems. Make sure to take note of any mold spots or moldy smells. If you don’t see the mold but smell it, look at areas around windows, under the sinks, and in the basement.

Odd Odors / strong air fresheners

If you walk into a home and are hit in the face with strong smell, there may be something going on.  If the home is overly-scented with air fresheners or there are bowls and containers of potpourri everywhere,  the owner it trying to cover up some sort of smell.  If what you smell is pet urine, this could indicate the carpet is saturated with it and will need replaced.


No one wants a house with a termite problem! Look out for signs like mud tubes on the foundation of the home which can indicate termites. Even if you don’t see anything, consider a termite inspection. Termites can cause serious foundation and structural issues in a home. You can always have a termite inspection done.

Foundation cracks / problems

While you are looking for mud tubes from termites on the foundation… Look at the foundation itself. Structural issues can cost thousands and thousands of dollars to correct. So take notice if the floors in the home slope noticeably or cracks in the foundation.  You have the option to have a home inspection done.

Random fresh paint

Fresh paint is always nice and can be used to make a room look and feel nice. But a random painted wall or spots can hide issues like water damage.  That brings us to the next red flag…

Water stains

You can normally see water stains by noticing yellowish or brownish areas. It can be a sign that the home has leaks.  Leaks can be fixed but the the damage to the wood can lead to structural damage. So make sure you are looking out for those stains on ceilings and walls.

In conclusion, with any potential red flag you see, always consult with a professional to see about doing a home inspection. They are worth every penny and skipping one can cost you more.