Keeping The Magic Of Santa Alive

How to keep the magic of Santa Alive

Magic of Santa

As children grow up and get older, the magic of Santa sadly grows out of them.  If you are like me, I desperately wanted to keep him alive in the eyes of my kids. Here are a few tips I did and a few I wish I would have known about on how to keep the magic alive for just a little bit longer.

A Call With Santa

There are ways to let children receive or make calls to Santa.  You could change the contact name of somebody in your phone and have them call!  Imagine Santa just randomly calling!  You can also call the Santa Hotline at 319-527-2680 or 712-770-4404.

Call with Santa

Video Chat With The Big Man

Okay, so with the whole pandemic going on and everybody using video chat to stay connected… Why not video chat him too?  JingleRing, Kringle Mingle, or Santa The Experience all seem to be good options!

Video chat with Santa

Track Santa’s Journey

If you are staying at home for social distancing, how do you find Santa Claus? Simple, by using North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) or Google Santa Tracker! Both the websites are loaded with fun activities and games to get children in the holiday mood.

Norad     Google Santa Tracker

Separate Wrapping Paper

This is one that I always do! Any gifts from Santa must be on his own wrapping paper. This will clearly set them apart from all other gifts.  Remember to HIDE the paper good so it is not found by them.  That’s one major rule to always remember.

Santa wrapping paper

Watch the Reindeer Cam

Have your kids watch the Reindeer Cam live feed to give them a real live look at the reindeer who will be flying Santa’s sleigh come Christmas time. 


Special Santa Keys

Don’t have a fireplace and have a hard time explaining to the kids how Santa gets into your home? Create or buy some special magic keys and hang them on or by your door on Christmas!

Santa's magic key

Reindeer Food

My kids LOVED this one!  You leave the milk and cookies out for Santa, so don’t forget to leave some reindeer food too. Throw in some carrots and some creative sparkles to make the snacks extra festive.


Nice or Naughty Certificate

If you are creative you can send your kids a certificate, from Santa of course, about how they have been behaving. Send them one of the following official certificates – a Nice List or Naughty List Certificate stating “In recognition of your good behavior this year, I, Santa, officially place (child’s name) on my 2020 Nice/ Naughty List.”  Print this on fun paper that looks legitimate considering it is from the North Pole and signed by Santa Claus himself.


Leave cookies and milk out

Everyone knows that Santa can’t resist some cookies and a nice glass of milk. Before morning, make sure the cookies are gone or at least half bitten so the kids know he appreciated their generous offer. I also sprinkle crumbs in the milk to make it a little more believable.

Santa cookies and milk

Sprinkle red glitter

Head to your nearest store and buy a packet of red glitter. Once you’ve bought the sparkles, sprinkle it on the front lawn, by the door, or anywhere you want.  Why do this?  When your kids ask where it came from you can say it must have fell off of Santa’s sleigh when he was bringing your gifts.  

Red Glitter

Santa’s Footprints

You can make Christmas morning a little more magical by leaving a sparkling and snowy trail of Santa’s footprints. This idea will bring so much awe and wonder. You can leave a trial to wherever he goes, whether it’s to the cookies, from the chimney, or from the door. 

Santa Footprints