Mistakes Could Jeopardize Selling Your Home This Winter

snow house for sale

It might be getting cold outside, but the real estate market is definitely heating up, with this year ready to be one of the best winter selling seasons in recent history.

But just because this winter is poised to be a seller friendly market does not mean that selling your home is a given. There are lots of things that could prevent you from selling your home during the winter months.

Okay, so what exactly are those things?

recent article from realtor.com outlined some of the most common mistakes homeowners make that can prevent them from selling their homes this winter, including:

  • Not shoveling the snow.

    Buyers do not want to trudge through snow drifts to make it to your front door. If you are hit with some winter weather, make sure you shovel the snow and create a nice clear path from the street to your front door.

  • Don’t lower the heat.

    You want your home to feel warm and really inviting to any potential buyers. If they were to walk into your home and it is just as cold inside as it is outside… it can turn them off to your property quick. Before you leave your house, make sure to turn up the heat to around 70 degrees.  This will make it more pleasant for buyers who come by to look at your home.

  • Don’t use outdated listing photos.

    If you are trying to sell your home in December, you do not want to use photos of your home that were clearly taken in the middle of summer. When you are ready to list your home, make sure you use current and accurate photos.

So, what does all of this mean for you?  If you are thinking about selling your home this winter, it is really important to understand the most of the common mistakes sellers make in the colder months can be avoided.  Thus letting you successfully sell your home.