Now Is The Perfect Time To Sell

Now Is The Perfect Time To Sell

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The pandemic is still creating a lot of uncertainty — which has many homeowners wondering if now is a good time to sell their home.

Well, it turns out, now is not just a good time to sell your home — it is one of the best times to sell your home.  Better than it has been in years.

Here are a few of the top reasons why now is the perfect time to sell your home:

  • Inventory is low and Demand is high. After months of being stuck at home due to the pandemic, buyers are coming out of the woodwork ready to buy—but there just aren’t enough homes to keep up with demand. According to’s market outlook the national housing inventory was down 39 over last year. This means with fewer homes the higher buyer demand and higher prices for sellers.
  • Mortgage interest rates are low. Mortgage interest rates are still at an all time low and rates have flattened over the last month; according to data from Freddie Mac, on October 8, average interest rates hit 2.87% for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. Buyers are scrambling around to hurry up and lock in those low interest rates.
  • The economy is showing slow signs of recovery. There’s no denying that the pandemic initially sent shock waves through the economy. But unemployment is still to trending downward, meaning more people are getting back to work.  This means more people may be in the position to purchase a home.

What are we trying to tell you?  There has not been a seller-friendly market like this in years.  If you have been thinking about selling your home, don’t wait any longer because now is the perfect time to make a move.  Give us a call and any of our amazing agents here at NextHome can help you. 712-224-6398