Cures for Cabin Fever!


It’s been a long couple of days, and it seems to be getting more and more scary to leave the house. Being stuck inside is hard, throwing kids into the mix makes it a much different challenge! Kids these days need constant entertainment and getting creative is half the battle. Here are a few suggestions to keep everyone from going crazy…


  • Hide and Seek: I know it may sound silly, but if you play your cards right, you can take 20 minutes to find them if you want!
  • Glow Sticks: The sun is staying out longer so a glow stick dance party could be just the ticket to earlier bed times! Throw them in the tub and turn off the lights for bath time. Plus, you can get like, a thousand glow sticks for $5.
  • Scavenger Hunt: again, the creativity really is key here. Try to make them solve riddles or problems to get the next clues. Make sure the surprise at the end is sweet! Cookies, brownies, etc.
  • Build a Fort: take all the pillows, chairs, and blankets you can find. Make a maze out of an entire room! Guaranteed to invoke feelings of childhood nostalgia.
  • Coloring Contest: Depending on age and competitive nature of your children, this can also be an hours-long distraction. And you can find a billion pictures to color on the internet.
  • Tik Tok: Ask your kids…..and suddenly it’s dinner time!
  •  Board Games: I know you’ve got a stack in your closet 🙃🙃
  • Card Games: Teach your kids cribbage like your grandma taught you. Also guaranteed nostalgia.
  • Bored Jar: Write down 100 things to do, from doing 50 jumping jacks to vacuuming the stairs to picking snacks and a movie. Every time a child says they’re bored, voila!
  • Indoor camp out: Most everyone owns a tent. Bust out the s’mores for this! Pitch the tent by the TV for an ultimate “Drive-In” experience! Snacks. Snacks. Snacks.
  • Teach them how to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch: It’s a much needed skill, and it ends in chocolate chip cookies 🥰
  • Play chess: It’s scientifically proven to increase brain activity and your kids probably won’t ever beat you!