moving box


Moving sucks. There, I said it. Nobody wants to pay a moving company, especially your husband. He can move that washer and dryer HIMSELF! (No he can’t) If you’re going to give in and pay someone to move everything, I would suggest a local moving company. But if you’re like most of us, that’s just not in the financial cards, especially after buying a new home. I’m outlining some tips to make the tremendous task of moving a little less strenuous, and maybe even a little fun.


  1. Use the rule of three. Try to count how many boxes you think you’ll need, then multiply that number by 3! That’s how many boxes you’ll need.
  2. Use smaller boxes. They are SO MUCH EASIER TO CARRY! Your husband will thank me.
  3. Pack up the fine china first. Using newspaper or bubble wrap, carefully pack up all the dishes, pots, pans, cups, basically everything in the kitchen that you hardly ever use. Then, even if you don’t get around to putting those boxes away immediately, you won’t really miss them.
  4. PURGE!!! Anything you don’t need, donate or throw it away. If you’re that attached to it, take a picture of it to remember it by.
  5. Don’t ask your friends. I know this seems like the EXACT scenario where your friends would come in handy, but everyone with a truck knows how annoying that age-old “Will you help me move?” request is.
  6. You’re going to make a mess. Don’t get overwhelmed by the mess, this is bound to happen when you’re moving literally everything you own.