Set to Sell

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Selling a home can be STRESS-ful, but once it’s done, what a relief! If you’re thinking of selling, contact one of our agents today! And in the process of selling, here are a few tips to help your property sell quickly and smoothly.

  1. Stage your photos.  When you list a property, photos are a buyer’s first impression. The first impression is the only impression. No dirty dishes or visible mess. Make sure you take photos during the day to showcase the natural light in your house, more and more people are turning their thumbs green! Try to de-personalize, everyone has different taste and yours might deter someone else. It’s harder for buyers to imagine themselves in a house with a lot of deco that’s not to their liking.  Try to take photos in spring or summer, sometimes winter photos can be unappealing. Clean all your rooms, vacuum if necessary. Everyone loves vacuum lines! Plus a clean room usually makes it look bigger. Hide the pet stuff. I KNOW, I can’t believe not everyone loves cats as much as me!!
  2. Make it smell good.  Smell is the closest sense to memory so when a place smells good, you literally remember it better. Everyone’s house has a smell and if you don’t know what yours is, ask a friend to come over and help. Some rooms may be a little smellier than others. Wax melts are super cheap and they really do the trick. Use the same scent on every floor, mixing can be dangerous! (Do lemon and sandalwood smell good together? I don’t know!) You can also use essential oils on your air filter or car fresheners on vents to circulate any scent you like throughout the whole house. Take some orange and lemon peels, freeze them in ice trays with water, and put them down your garbage disposal. You can also boil those peels for a fresh scent! If you have pet odor or mildew smell, you’re going to need to get rid of that and not just mask it with scentsy wax, that sometimes makes the odors more pronounced. Find where it’s coming from (pet stains, litter box, mold under the sink, etc.) and fix it.
  3. Include a Home Warranty. This will really put your buyer at ease, and it’s relatively cheap. You’re really offering peace of mind and buying a house is definitely scary! Your agent will have all the information on available plans.
  4. Have your own inspection done. This really shows honesty and transparency. Buyers are able to have their own inspection done, which they should. But offering this information upfront is an easy way to gain trust.
  5. The price is right. Depending on the market, if you’re expecting multiple offers, asking less than market value can usually bring multiple bids, sometimes above market value! If that doesn’t bring the buyers to the yard like you expected, remember you don’t have to accept any offer you don’t like! And you can always raise the price.
  6.  Be honest with your agent. They have the same goal as you: Sell!! Trying to hide a termite infestation or some structural issues is only going to backfire. If you’re not comfortable with something, tell them! They are here for YOU!!