What color should you paint your ______room?

paintingWhen selling a house, it’s important to stage it so people feel comfortable when they’re in it. Personally, I love bold colors. My living room is Navy Blue and my dining room is very Green. Obviously not everyone shares my love of colors, especially on walls that everyone who visits will see (and judge). Non-neutrals are harder to color coordinate with decor and furniture, too. Let’s look at the best color for each room in your house.

  • Kitchen-  Warmer colors are said to increase appetite (red, blue, yellow, green) but white and grey are safer. Behr paint actually has a Paint your Place feature on their website to help you visualize any color in any space. Here are a few suggestions for the kitchen: Silver Bullet         Halatian        Natural Almond        Half Sea Fog        Morning Zen
  • Bathroom- This room should look clean at all times, that’s why an off-white or a lighter taupe or beige is a safe bet.         White Veil        Burnished Clay        Statuesque
  • Bedroom- Lavender, Pale Blue and Soft Grey are the top 3 colors for a soothing and peaceful bedroom. I’m not a fan of pastels, but these 3 are pretty muted:         So Blue-Berry        Permafrost        Hush
  • Living Room- If you have an open concept living/dining/kitchen area, one color is best to tie them all together, and what are top 3 colors for living areas? If you said Muted blue, grey and beige, you’re right!! Neutrals really are the best way to capture all the possibilities for potential buyers. It’s also easier to imagine other colors over a light grey wall than a bright green wall.  Here are some more neutral options:        Silver Mine        Sandstone Cliff        Rain Dance

Here is a great article about DIY Painting like a Pro to motivate you this Monday!!