What to get the Kid who has Everything


“Back in my day, kids played outside!”

“We didn’t have any screens to stare at when we were kids.”

We all have our feelings about “kids these days” and their technology, but it’s not going anywhere. Computers are only advancing and every generation will rely on it more and more. So, most kids already have a PlayStation, an XBox, an iPad, an iPhone, a smart watch, something to keep them connected. For those who think “What could I possibly get the kid who has everything?”, here are a few ideas that don’t require anything but your time (and a little bit of money)!

  • Concert Tickets  – Because live music is always awesome. Sharing a concert with kids is such an awesome experience, especially their first one. Click here to find concerts in your area!
  • A Vacation – Kids need a break, too! (The Grand Canyon, Black Hills, Disney World, )
  • Music Lessons – Music has been scientifically proven to enhance pretty much every part of brain development in children. If you’re not sure which instrument, piano is a pretty safe choice!
  • Gardening Gear – Kids love to be independent and what better way to teach that than growing a live plant, bonus if you plant food! Depending on where you live, you may have to save this for spring, but self-sustainability is the gift that keeps on giving! Try this Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit.
  • Memberships – Your local children’s museum, zoo or activity center usually has yearly memberships available.
  • A Subscription Box – Get a new box every month! There are so many different kinds, here are a few ideas:

                Kiwi Crate (for crafty kids)

                KidStir (for Chefs of all ages)

                Tinker Crate (for STEM)

                Green Kid Crafts (for hands-on Science experiments!)

Whatever you decide to get the awesome child in our life, remember that the time you spend with them is priceless. Happy Holidays.