6 House Hunting Tips for Home Buyers

house and magnifying glassSigns of Spring are in the air and soon real estate agents all over the area will be escorting clients through private viewings of homes for sale.

If you’re in the market to buy, then you are probably enthused by the idea of viewing your next dream home.

But before you get ahead of yourself and unknowingly do something to offend the Seller and/or your real estate agent, read the following house hunting tips for Home Buyers.

1. Choose a real estate agent
If you’re in the market to buy your next home, it’s important to choose an agent you can trust. Throughout the home buying process, you will share a lot of personal information with that person including your financial status, your credit history, and other personal and lifestyle information.

Once you identify an agent you can trust, stick with that person. If you see a home you like online, don’t call the listing agent. Call your agent and tell them about what you just saw.

Real estate agents rely on client loyalty, and unless she has done something to offend you, you should continue with that person throughout the search up until the day of closing on your new home.

2. Get pre-approved
Guessing how much home you can afford is a very bad idea- so bad, in fact- that many real estate agents will not show homes to a Buyer without a pre-approval letter.

It’s important to obtain a pre-approval from your bank before you begin your home search. Doing so will guide you toward homes you can afford and away from homes you can’t.

3. Be prepared
Whether you’re off to view only one home or multiple homes, it’s important to anticipate the time you’ll be spending by being prepared.

Properties may or may not have their water turned on so be sure to use the restroom before heading out to look at properties. Avoid hunger/thirst by having a meal or light snack before viewing homes. Never bring outside food/drink to other people’s homes.

4. Keep your appointments
Your agent and the Seller are both preparing for your arrival so respect their time by keeping your appointment. Be punctual. If your agent scheduled your showing at 1:30- don’t arrive at 1:40.

If something unexpected comes up which requires you to cancel, always try to do so with as much notice as possible. Never ever No-Show for a listing appointment.

5. Remove your shoes
Don’t be the guy who stains the Seller’s carpet with their dirty shoes! Although it may not be a rule in your own home, it is always the rule in someone else’s home!

If you’re self-conscious about your feet, just pack some clean socks in your car for the upcoming house hunting days.

6. Don’t snoop
The Golden Rule applies to house hunting. Treat a home and its owner with the same courtesy you would expect of others.

When viewing homes, don’t wander off from your real estate agent to go exploring- and never, ever snoop! Respect the Seller’s sacred space and his or her privacy.