Productivity Tips!


As the new school year approaches, life can tend to get very busy. We may become overwhelmed with or unable to adjust to the new schedules. This why we have come up with some helpful tips for maintaining productivity through this time of year.


Start your day off right

If you need as much sleep as possible in order to function, then sleep in as late as you can. But what I think is a great way to start off your day is to wake up early enough for time for yourself. Whether you spending a little extra time get ready and presentable or making yourself a nice breakfast, it’s a good time to focus on you!

Eating a good breakfast is so important. You need to get the proper nutrients in order to fuel your day. Also, eat something you like! Starting off your day by eating and doing things you want to do  is so helpful for maintaining positivity throughout the day.


-Eleanor Roosevelt

Create a To-Do List

To do lists are great way to organize the tasks that you have to accomplish. By writing out all that you have to do, in your mind you get a clearer picture of the days tasks and all that needs to be done. Whether its tasks around the home, or at work–put it on the list! Also, put a deadline on your to-do list. You can make day-to-day lists and deadlines or make a whole list for the week and accomplish it then. It’s all up to your own personal preferences.

Put more on the list than you think. Stretch yourself, because often times you can accomplish much more than you think. Along with this, even put the little things on the list too! Being able to cross things off a list is so satisfying and can even give you encouragement to accomplish those big things.

By focusing on the big things that your day entails you can make a good plan on how to attack them. Building your day around the big things is a great strategy for staying productive. Accomplish one big item in the morning to give you the determination and encouragement to do the other big things throughout the rest of your day! Along with this, do your least favorite tasks first. By doing this, you will gain a sense of relief and look forward to the rest of the day and all that it entails.


Take a Break

If you are constantly trying to get everything done at once, you will become extremely overwhelmed. We are not made to multitask, and when we do, we often don’t do each task to the best of our ability and it can end up taking longer than it should. By scheduling breaks throughout your day it can limit your stress and give you that much needed time to rest and relax.