Updating Your Curb Appeal

If you are looking to sell your house, one thing you can do to make it more desirable is to update your curb appeal! Even if you aren’t looking to sell and are looking for a change, we have found some easy, inexpensive ways to make your house look great!

Front door: To spruce up the front door, paint it a new color to make it pop. Choosing a vibrant color can make it stand out, but make sure it coordinates and goes well with the rest of the house. Another idea is adding plants or flowers by the doorstep. This extra splash of color help tie in the door with the rest of the house!

curb appeal pic

Lawn Care and Flower Beds: This one’s easy! By keeping the grass cut and looking nice, the exterior of the house already looks better. Spraying for weeds can also keep the grass looking fresh and clean. In order for people to get a good view of the home, you should also trim up bushes and trees. You will want to do the same things to your flower beds. Till up the soil, add mulch, pick the weeds, and remove of any rocks or other unwanted waste from your flower beds. Plant some fun flowers that are easy to keep alive, colorful, and pleasant to the eye! By doing these simple lawn care steps, your home will start to look fresh, clean, and inviting!

Driveways: When selling your home, it is a good idea keep the driveways clean and empty. You can do this by keeping your garbage and recycling bins in the garage or a shed. Pick up and store away any toys that may be out in the lawn or on the driveway. If you are hosting an open house or taking photos for advertisements, either park your vehicles in the garage or down the street. Another easy thing to do to make your driveway and sidewalks look nice is to wash them. Take a garden hose or power washer and clean out the dirt from the cracks in the cement.

Windows: By cleaning both the inside and outside of windows, your home will look cleaner!

Fixtures: Whether it’s your house numbers or light fixtures, by giving them a modern look, you can boost your curb appeal. To do this you can buy new fixtures to give an updated look, or if you don’t want to purchase new, give your current fixtures a fresh coat of paint!

For more tips and additional information about boosting your curb appeal on a budget, visit 8 Budget Curb Appeal Projects.



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