Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home

In our world today, it is important that we are environmentally conscious with our actions. Around your home, there are many ways you can go green. By choosing to have a more energy efficient home, you can also save money! Take a look at some of these great tips for saving energy in your home!


  • Make sure cracks around doors and windows are sealed for optimal energy and money savings. Also, by having proper insulation in your walls you will save money when heating your home in the winter.

Buy energy efficient appliances and light fixtures:

  • Energy Star is a highly recommended brand for energy saving appliances. Even if you don’t have these kinds of appliances, you can save energy by unplugging small appliances or electronics when they are not being used!


  • Dimmers: Save energy and you can control the amount of lighting that you want!
  • Outdoor motion sensor lighting: Only are on when you need them to be!
  • Skylights: Skylights can eliminate the need to turn on a light during the day. Utilize the sunlight as much as possible!
  • Window blinds/shades: Let sunshine in on cool days and block out heat on hot days! These also bring in natural lighting. They help you save energy and cut lighting, heating, and cooling costs!
  • Even using light colored paint on your walls will allow the sunlight to bounce off them creating more light in your home.


  • Leaves from trees can provide shade for your house which enables you to save energy trying to keep your home cool. During the winter months, the trees won’t have leaves on them, allowing sunlight to enter your home which provides natural heat.

Ceiling fans:

  • A cool breeze from a ceiling fan can lead you to turn up your thermostat during the summer months thus saving you not only energy but also money on air conditioning.


  • Wash clothes with cold water as much as possible.
  • Dry clothes on a line during summer months. Save energy and money by not using your dryer as much as possible. When you do use your dryer, make sure you are drying a full load of laundry to be the most efficient with your energy.

For other energy saving tips around your home, visit 24 Tips for Energy-Efficient Homes.

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