How to Keep a Home With Pets Clean

Pets can play a huge role in many of our lives. They often are seen as another member of the family! We love our pets and they can impact us in so many ways. Many good ways, but also some bad ways; for example, tracking in dirt and filth from the outdoors, shedding hair, or just creating a general mess in your home. A home with pets can be difficult to clean and to keep clean. This is whyBUDDY Katies Dog we have compiled some different, easy tips and tricks for keeping your pet and home as clean as possible!

Stain Resistance

  • Stains are inevitable, especially with pets! Pets can have accidents, knock things over, etc. this is why using stain-resistant spray can be extremely beneficial! Spraying your furniture with a stain protectant spray will help prevent spills from staining and also makes for easy cleaning!
  • Another way to avoid stains can be by purchasing stain resistant carpet. Some types of carpet are specially made for homes with pets. This carpet can be great for all the dirt, shedding and other accidents that come with having animals in the house.


Pets That Shed

Additional Prevention

  • Along with preventing dirt and hair from entering your house, clean your pet as soon as possible. If your pet has been outside, especially on a wet/rainy day, make sure to clean your pet and its paws before it enters the house. Keep rags by the door for convenience. If your pets gets really dirty, giving them a bath is always a good idea.
  • Another tip for keeping a home with pets clean is by giving your pet a bed or pillow. If your pet always lays or sleeps in the same spot, put a pillow or bed there. This will keep the area from discoloration, stains, or other potential damages.