Housewarming Gifts


Someone you know just move? Or buy their first house? And you don’t know what to get them? Wanting to get someone a great housewarming gift can be a challenge. You don’t want to bring the same gift everyone else gives, but you still want to give a great gift. A gift that is both unique and practical. There are many different things to consider, but don’t worry, we came up with a list of cute and unique housewarming gift ideas to give!



If you don’t want to get too creative, and are just looking for a nice gift, you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts!

  • Wine & Wine Glasses
  • Salt & Pepper Shakers – They can be an easy gift and inexpensive! Try get some shakers that most people don’t have. Find unique ones that would fit in with the personality of the homeowners.
  • Plants – Plants are a classic house warming gift. Any plant will do, but we are big fans of succulents! They are low maintenance and so cute in any room!letter board


If you are going to give some home decor, give something that they probably don’t have! Consider a wreath for the front door or a letter board that the new homeowners can make their own!

Personalize it

By getting a personalized gift, I always think it means so much more! The new home owners will see you put thought and time into getting their gift and they’ll appreciate it greatly! You could get them a framed portrait of their home so that no matter where they go, they’ll always be able to remember their first home! Personalized door mats or a personalized return address stamp are both extremely practical and adorable! By using a map of their location you could give custom map coasters or serving trays.


If you don’t like any of these suggestions, just keep looking! Let your friends and family know you are thinking of them and are happy for them by putting a little thought into your gift! Thoughtfulness will always trump extravagance.


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