How to Organize Your Closet

Imagine walking into your closet and being able to find the exact outfit you need for the day within a matter of seconds. This may sound too good to be true, but with organization, this can be possible! Having an organized closet can save us time and space, but where do we even start when it comes to organizing them?  Below is a list of a few ways to add space to your closet and a few ways to organize your closet. Some of the tips (like color-coordinating your closet) may sound too time consuming to begin with, but speaking from experience and personal opinion, it will save you time and frustration in the long run!

Add space to your closet…

-Hang pegboards in your closet to group similar items and add extra space.

-Have a small closet? Use bins and hanging shelves to keep your space organized.

-Store your out-of-season clothing in tubs or covered boxes.

-Use slim hangers to gain space in small closets.

-Eliminate clutter from your closet by donating unused items every few months.

Organize your closet…

-Use labels in your closet to organize your clothing.

-Group your clothing by category. For example, put all of your jeans, dress pants, etc. within the same spot.

-Color-code your clothing.

-Use shelf dividers to stack items to keep them from falling over.

Bonus closet care tips:

Take care of your clothing…

-Take care of your clothing by using the right hangers. Delicate items can be hung on satin padded hangers.

-Hang your handbags on hooks so they don’t lose their shape.


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