Thinking About Painting the Inside of Your Home? Read This.

Choosing a color to paint the rooms of your home can be tough. If you’re putting all of that work into painting, you want the perfect color, right? The color you paint your home will be permanent (at least for a little while), and you will be looking at this color everyday. However, have you ever thought about how the color you paint your home affects your mood and the way you feel?

Below is a list of a few colors, how they can make you feel, and feelings they are associated with. Colors can affect everyone in a different way, but generally knowing the way they could affect your mood can help you decide which color to choose, as well as help you decide what “look” and “feel” you’d like your home to have!



-Can represent purity

-Can make a room seem more spacious

-Can symbolize a new beginning and freshness


-Correlates with comfort and love

-Considered bright and warm

-Viewed as an intense color


-Can represent calmness or serenity

-Can lower body temperature and pulse rate


-Symbolizes nature, health, and good luck

-Has a calming effect


-Viewed as cheerful and warm

-Also viewed as hard on the eyes


-Viewed as energetic and exciting

-Draws attention



-Associated with feminine qualities like kindness and compassion


-Associated with warmth and security

-Associated with strength and reliability



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