Questions to Ask Before You Choose a New Neighborhood to Move to

Are you thinking about moving to a new neighborhood, or you need to relocate and want to start researching just where you should live? You should choose a place to live that matches your lifestyle and your expectations for a lifestyle. Below are some questions to ask when you are searching for a new neighborhood to live in.



-Is the neighborhood close to activities I enjoy doing?

Sit down and make a list of things you like to do and places you like to shop. Are these things and places close to where you’re considering to live? If they aren’t near the new possible neighborhood, take into account the distance it would take you to get to those activities and places.

-Is it a safe neighborhood?

Find out crime statistics, if crime is going up, down, what type of crimes do and don’t occur, and where crime does and doesn’t occur in the neighborhood.

-Is purchasing a house in the neighborhood a good investment?

Ask a REALTOR® for information on price appreciation in the neighborhood you are considering moving to. Also ask the REALTOR® about future changes coming to the neighborhood and how they could affect the value of the home and the neighborhood the home is in.

-What is the school district like?

If you have children, it is very important to do research on the school district. The school district can also affect the resale value of the home.














If you want more information on this topic, visit Questions to Ask About the Neighborhood  from REALTOR® Magazine, the Official Magazine of the National Association of REALTORS®. This handout explains each question more in-depth, and it features other questions to ask that are not mentioned above. 


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